Monday, December 19, 2011

Fullness in Christ

Wow it's been a while since I've posted. I think the last one was in June...? I'm not sure. I know it was that poem by Ayinde, but that's it. haha. I'm not sure who's out there reading this mess, but I find it rewarding to blog simply because it's a space to empty my mind.

A lot's gone on in my life since my last post, and to be completely honest in order for me to tell you everything it would take a looooooong time and a lot of typing; something I'm not up to at 3am. Why am I up this late anyways...

Regardless, something has been pressing lately. As you may recall, two summers ago I interned at a church I grew up in to do some preaching and a lot of learning. Well, almost a month ago one of my dear pastors sent me a text inviting me to preach the Gospel (the good news of Jesus) to the youth there this Wednesday! (Dec. 21) Boy howdy am I excited to do this! I definitely have a passion for speaking the Word of Truth to people, and I'm so thankful that God has granted me an opportunity to share His word with His children!

Since I'm up anyways, and this is on my mind, I figured I'd lay down a piece of what the sermon will be. Basically I want to center around Colossians 2:9-10 which, in the NKJV says "For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him who is the head of all principality and power." What does this mean? That in Christ we have been given fullness-fullness of joy, fullness of life, fullness of hope. We are full. Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians that we are new creatures (5:17) and he tells us this gem in Colossians.

Folks, this news, when properly considered, is ground breaking. I remember my high school years, and even my last year. haha. Things in this world certainly haven't changed. the world, including myself, fights for fullness. We fight to be accepted, to be loved, to live inspired lives-to be quoted by someone, anyone! We desire to be full. We are constantly seeking the next thing that we think will give us life. For many of us it's relationships. I know that was my filler. I was in a relationship from my sophomore year of high school to my sophomore year of college. Four years. Not that I regret any of it, but I know that I was trying to find who I was during those years, and a lot of what I found was buried deep within that relationship.

I wanted to know that I could do it. I wanted to know that in a relationship I could be the "man". I had to know that I could satisfy the needs of a woman, all the way from physical needs to emotional needs. Pardon me for the depth of information, but honesty is key here. In that relationship I learned a lot of things, but something I never grasped was that my life could never be complete EVEN IF I learned to satisfy ALL the needs of a woman! I am not designed to be complete from that type of relationship. Sure it may feel nice, it may be comforting and bring some peace-but fullness? No way Jose.

Women, I know it is not much different for you. You see, men desire to know that we CAN do things. We can satisfy our wives or girlfriends, we can do our jobs well, we can provide for those we love. We can buy Christmas gifts. This is something extremely deeply rooted in the heart of man-to know that we have what it takes. Women you aren't like this, are you? According to a woman I hold dear to my heart (my lovely girlfriend Jessica) women long to be desired; to know that you are worth pursuing. Woman ache to be loved deeply and in the heart. You long to know that you matter to someone, that you're beautiful, that your hard work and effort is not forgotten in a haze of extracurricular activities. On the surface these heart desires seem to differ-and they definitely do on the surface-but deep down they are both rooted in the same issue. Fullness.

Men seek fullness in relationships and ability just as women seek fullness in relationships and beauty. But Christ wants us to know that we ARE full in Him. When He died on that cross and rose three days later he not only gave us eternal life and the Holy Spirit to connect us with God forever. He gave us fullness. He gave us a sense of peace, of belonging. He showed us that we don't have to look for things anymore to fill us, that we have it in Him. Christ's image of us is not based upon what we do, how many relationships we have or how beautiful we are, because for Him we are beautiful, we do count, we have the ability. He has made us whole again. What was broken and lost in the fall has now been found in Christ and through His precious blood shed on the cross we can be full once again. We can now return to the foot of the cross missing nothing because we have been given fullness and completeness in Christ alone.

Folks, if nothing else is heard, please hear this: You are enough. Men you can do all the things that God puts before you to do because you have the abilities through Christ. You are whole. Women you are beautiful and worthy to be loved. Precious children, do not look for life in that which will only break and leave you empty, but look for life in the spring of Living Water, where you will never become dry, for He never dries up. With Him you will never dry up, you will never be found wanting, you will never lack because in Christ YOU ARE FULL!

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